invalid superclass post DC promo

Did you recently promote a DC and are seeing the following events? I did, and it got me searching around. Apparently this is normal and safe to ignore. Via the Microsoft KB 268329...

Internal event: The following schema class has a superclass that is not valid. 
Class identifier: 752255955 
Class name: msExchEdgeSyncMservConnector 
Superclass identifier: 752255954 
Inheritance was ignored.

This behavior occurs because the schema is imported in an order other than superclass inheritance. When a class is imported, superclass attributes point to other classes. Because these may not have been imported yet, you see these errors in the application event log. You can safely ignore these errors.
— KB268329

Wondering what a superclass is?

Object definitions are created by nesting classes inside one another. Nesting classes produces a parent/child relationship between the classes. Classes that are nested inside another class are referred to as subclasses. The parent of a subclass is referred to as a superclass. When one class is nested inside another, the nested class inherits the properties of the parent superclass.
— How the Active Directory Schema Works