ASDM (Unable to launch device manager from x.x.x.x)

For the last few years I've been running Cisco's ASDM on a Mac with no problems. Recently I tried to install in on a new build of Windows 8.1 with Java 7 Update 67. However, I couldn't seem to get past the error below. Others suggested downgrading Java, adding the asa's url to the Java Config's trusted sites, and/or upgrading ASDM (7.1.4 -> 7.3.1-100). I tried all three options with no luck.

Finally, with some terminal logging and Cisco's interpretation it was determined that having the single ssl encryption type of aes256-sha1 is not enough. Having added aes128-sha1 all works. 


Below is the console/code that shows the monitoring output "no shared cipher" as well as the addition of aes128-sha1.