Bathroom Project (2015)

Phase 1: move laundry to basement
Phase 2: build bathroom on main floor

Phase 1

roughly planning where things are going to go

popping up the first tiles and beginning to open the ceiling

opening up more ceiling and framing back wall. ensuring top and bottom plate alignment for dividing wall. 

placing the sewer ejector beneath the bathroom

digging pit for sewer ejector, lines for floor drain and washing machine discharge

dry fitting

cutting in the hot and cold water lines

framing floating wall washer and dryer hookups (gas, hot/cold water, electrical)

gas line install (for dryer)

cutting out existing cast iron and replacing with ABS (that's not poop, just grease from the cleanout plug)

running the discharge line for the ejector and kitchen sink, keeping lines as high as possible for ceiling soffit

awkward routing

vent for the ejector, routed up through back framed wall in bathroom

testing the ejector, it works! 

functional washer and dryer. now to work on the bathroom.

concrete work

Phase 2

framing detail with added joists represented in green

leveling the floor / prepping for tile

plumbing design / dry fit

framing and plumbing complete

electrical (Anthony helping)

water line install for rainfall shower head

we have walls

getting ready to close up the walls

vapor barrier



shower pan notes (an awful process)

shower pan pre-slope

preformed styrofoam curb

pan liner water test

installing curb

top mud installed (this is the only picture i took of it)

finishing durock install

mesh and mud

water proofing (nasty stuff)

tile layout

happy i went with a square drain

floor tile

completed curb (dat bullnose!)

wall tile (contractor)

completed wall tile

completed shower floor

delta is pretty :)


floating sink cabinet, sink and mirro

completed sink

pocket door (cut to fit)